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Hi, my name is Steve Hardy and I’m a FISHING ADDICT.
      Because I was lucky enough to be born into a fishing family, I was given a great introduction to Fishing and Educated in a great many aspects of fishing. The main reasons for the creation of this website are that I believe that Knowledge needs to be passed on to others. We want to gather as many Anglers with as many different fishing skills as possible, in order for them to share and improve their own fishing knowledge and in doing so, benefit our FISHERY and our ECOLOGY of this magnificent Country and where ever else where there are people who love to go fishing.
     I formed my “Fishing Attitude and ethics” because of my Father’s deep Love of Australia, the fishing, the ecology and the great beauty of our land. My Dad started teaching me fishing just after I learned to walk, he taught me to respect even the lowest forms of Fishes and Animals and especially where they live. The Oceans, Rivers, Lakes and the land that supports and nurtures them, must all be treated with respect or their beauty and value as food producers will be lost to us.
     My addiction to fishing, I again attribute to my Father, Mr. Cecil Oswald Hardy; he was a great man and a great all-round Angler who stood on many a wave swept rock.


     The Fishing Buddy Network (FBN) is designed to give Anglers a method of communication, never before afforded to them. Now you can find and contact any like-minded Fishing Buddy as you need, no matter if that angler lives in your own town or some exotic fishing destination, eventually all over the World. This is made possible by our NEWANGLER PROFILING system”.
     LOCAL Knowledge is the most reliable source of information and HERE everybody you contact has agreed to assist all other members of our Network. Think about the possibilities of having mates where ever and whenever you want to go fishing, the benefits are huge. (Share boating, travel and accommodation costs as well as fishing information, being just a few.)
In the past we have taken time to sit down with visitors to our area, answering their fishing questions and sometime even brought them along on our fishing trips, in turn their enthusiasm have brought on the members of FBN and a great deal of good friends from around Australia and overseas.

Not all our new friends can reciprocate in the same manner, but they still can help in some other way and they do.
    If you’re a Novice Angler you can still give advice on local boat ramps, fishing spots if you know them, where to stay or where to buy tackle at the right price, having a local as a Fishing Buddy is unbeatable. If you are a novice angler you never know who you might meet, this is the place to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about fishing.

       To find out all the components of the Fishing Buddy Network Site see the FAQ section after you JOIN.


Steve Hardy (Founder & Administration)


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