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NEW FBN “Bragging rights” FUN Fishing Comp



No prizes just bragging rights.



Comp Started 1/1/15 so get on with it, winners announced World Wide 1/1/16


Who can enter and how you play


Ø      Contestant eligibility = Anybody but if your not a Fishing Buddy we will rag you until you join us it free ya know.

Ø     All Ages, All skill levels, All sexes, All countries, All fish to be angled via Rod & reel or handline Only, heck we don’t care if ya from Mars if ya fish you can play.

Ø       All fish must be of legal size in the State they are caught

Ø      This Comp actively supports catch and release. However If you need a fish to keep a fish then all Species are to be dispatched in a humane manner. Please, do not kill any fish just for this Silly Comp, only take what you need, this is about FUN not killing our Kid’s fish.

Ø       We recommend the use of Circle Hooks for bait fishing and barbless hooks for lures and flys.

Ø      All fish to be measured on recognised Measure tape of similar and time date photo as proof of capture.

Ø      All photos must appear on the Fishing Buddy Network Face Book page (comments maybe challenging but never nasty smart ass is OK)

Ø      All fish must be of legal size in the State they are caught

Ø      Monthly winners will receive the accolade they deserve.




Bragging Right sections

(YES you could be the best Fishing Buddy in the World in the categories below)


Ø      Best Bull artist: Best story written on the FBN time line about an entrants capture. 1 point

Ø      Best Fishy Photo Buddy: Best photo uploaded to the FBN time line of an entrants capture. 1 point

Ø      Longest fish catcher: Longest of any given species 1 point

Ø      Fishing Buddy with the most: Most species 1 point

Ø      Best Barra Buddy; Longest Barra 1 point

Ø      Release Buddy: Largest fish released unharmed 1 point

Ø      Outstanding fishing Buddy; Most meritorious Capture 1 Point (we will vote on this one and I will make the final tie breaker if needed)

Ø     The outright best, can’t ever be rubbished anymore, Fishing Buddy of 2015: Most points overall.


Steve hardy FBN Administrator




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