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Our members were astounded recently to find that the Fishing Buddy Network has been COPIED. 

Recently members of the REAL Fishing Buddy Network where astounded and disappointed to find that some rag tag outfit has Copied the registered business name and many intellectual properties of the REAL Fishing Buddy Network.
This copy cat site is not as sophisticated as ours and doesn't seem give any benefits to members and in fact only seems interested in their own financial benefits from advertisements and perhaps from less obvious methods.
This imitation site copies My registered Business name 'The Fishing Buddy Network" and other Intellectual properties such as catch phrases and slogans, they are even using "The Fishing Buddy Network News" which is also our property.
The REAL Fishing Buddy Network WARNS all our members and others seeking to join the Real Fishing Buddy Network that we secure all your information in our closed Network and we will not be held responsible for any misuse of personal contact and other details which may be obtained by accident by this parasite website. 
Please voice your disapproval to this Shannon Glover's parasitic website by finding him on Facebook for the use of our very good name and support the Real Fishing Buddy Network in any way you can, with suggestions, legal advise and donations to arm us for the WAR which will follow unless they CEASE AND DESIST the use of our property.
Your REAL Fishing Buddy Steve Hardy

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