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From the Fishing Buddy Network FreakFly Forum 17th August 2010

Protection or Preclusion that is the Question
The Greens30 per cent of Australian waters
no fishing
Snippets from their launch in the Sun Herald ... 5899498096
“THE Australian Greens, the party almost certain to hold the deciding vote in Federal Parliament next year, have vowed to turn one third of Australia's territorial waters into Marine Park where fishing would be banned.”
"The Greens more than either of the other parties offer that." The marine park policy would turn a minimum of 30 per cent of Australian waters into reserves with no fishing and no exploration or drilling for oil or gas."

v The sustainability of our Fisheries and its supporting Eco System should be of the highest priority and therefore the Banning of “exploration or drilling for oil or gas." Is essential.
v Banning fishing from any given area, however, must cause the next area to be over fished. Are Green Zones Effective and what proof do we have?
v If we can’t fish in a given area how can we see the results of that closure? Limited fishing with “Capture surveys” might work a lot better because then, that area is under constant review and also it would be cheaper than other proposals.
v Education of the reasons to protect our fishery and Regulations such as Size limits, Spawning Closures and Bag limits guided by scientific facts not guess work and by the Australian Anglers who have, after all, the most concern in this issue.
v Are we to be told what we should do by other countries who profess to know more about our fisheries than our experts and professional and recreational anglers???
v Many, many Australia JOBS are dependent our fisheries and they are constantly researching the sustainability of those fisheries.
v We, the Anglers of Australia, must guide those “Good people” who really do want to do the correct thing, but who are, for the most part ill-informed or maybe even motivated by more selfish reasons, reasons other than the protection of the Australian Fishery and Eco Systems. Therefore these same “Good people” can’t even begin to comprehend the ramifications of their proposed actions.
v I’m as concerned as the rest of the Australian anglers about the Fishery and the Eco systems which support them and therefore the sustainability of those fisheries. Fishing has many places in the Australian way of life. Fishing is a Profession for some and for others a recreational sport and others a way of supplementing the food for their family.

Thats what I think, what about you?
Steve Hardy a proud Australian ANGLER

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